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Books, Posters, and Original Items
Books, Posters, and Other Items
Original Items

 Books, Posters, and Other Items
We are pleased to announce that we now carry vehicle titles from the "Wings and Wheels" series, as well as some titles from other similar publishers. Please contact us for titles and availability. Call or e-mail for current titles and prices.
Here are some representative titles:
BMW R75 in detail
Zuendapp KS750 in detail
Jeep in detail part two
VW Kuebelwagen in detail
Schwimmwagen in detail
Horch in detail
SD Kfz 251 in Polish Museums
publisher: Militaria in Detail
Kettenkrad in detail
Steyr 1500A in detail
Wespe in detail
Il-2 Type 3 and Il-10 / Avia B-33 in detail
Wireless for Wehrmacht in detail
photo coming soon

Gaz 67 in detail

Luftwaffe in detail    $35
Nice details with photos of Allied air forces as well.
photo coming soon

Storch in detail

Other Books and Manuals
These titles are $POA.

We carry beautiful reproduction posters of paintings, drawings and photographs of German WW2 themes, all  suitable for framing. Approximate sizes 17x23 inches. Prices: All Hans Liska are $20, as is SS Sniper. All Guy Sajer are $18. The Thanks... is $15.
Tiger by Hans Liska
Assault Boats by Hans Liska
Railway Assault Troops by Hans Liska
Flame Thrower by Hans Liska
Mortar Battery by Hans Liska
Panzergrenadiers by Hans Liska
In spite of blizzard Ju 87... by Guy Sajer
Panzer and Infantry in Action by Guy Sajer
Remembering Fallen Comrades by Guy Sajer
Return to Tromso by Guy Sajer
Scout Troops by Guy Sajer
North Atlantic by Guy Sajer
Crossing between Cranz and Koenigsberg by Guy Sajer
Stormy Weather by Guy Sajer
Silent Advancing and Observation by Guy Sajer
Hope above the Lines by Guy Sajer
The Thanks of the Fatherland...
SS Snipers

The following 13 photos are reproductions of black-and-white drawings by Arend and Gotschke, and can be purchased as a complete set ($100) or individually ($9 each), dimensions of these are 11.5"x17" (29.5cm x 42cm), heavy card stock.


We carry some repro busts, nice quality on marble base.

 Original Items
Check back soon as we will update whenever we get new items in.
US Army Crystal Signal Generator $80