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Repro Grenades
These are inert repro grenades, meant to look the part of WWII German originals. All are generally of one-piece wood construction, and the end caps do not unscrew.
Sorry, none of these items can be shipped to California.

Nebelhandgranate (Smoke Stick Grenade) M1939  $25 each
Stielhandgranate (Stick Grenade) M1943 $25 each
Geballte Ladungen (Cluster Hand Grenades/Bunker Buster) $60 each

Stielhandgranate (Stick Grenade) M1924 $25 each
Detail of manufacturing date. Made throughout the war.
Left: Eigranate (Egg grenades) $18 each
Right: Key ring stick grenades $10 each