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Tin Signs
This is a new line of tins signs, now available. They are all the same size, some in portrait and some in landscape.
They measure approx 15 x 13 inches (38 cm x 33 cms), and have a small hole in each corner for attachment. Each is only $25
BMW R75 the new heavy motorcycle
DKW Motorcycle-Das Motorrad
SK Pistons (Kolben) on the front-NSU
Borgward-vehicle, in ground and air warfare
Zundapp with soldier
SK Pistons (Kolben)-on the front and in the country
Auto Union solder in car b/w
Artillery in the woods
Artillery in open country
Forward with Borgward
Continental Tires/Tyres
With Borgward on all fronts
Protective chains and windshields
Zundapp reliable on all fronts
Mahle-Pistons (Kolben) Fighting with on all fronts
Three DKW messengers
Victoria Works Nuremberg
Zundapp motorcycle and aircraft engines
Auto Union Staff car
BMW For greater achievements

More signs coming soon
More signs coming soon